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Some or any? | LearnEnglish | British Council

Some or any? | LearnEnglish | British Council

An explanation of when to use the words 'some' and 'any' with a dialogue to complete.

Further Work
'Some' and 'any' can also be used in larger, compound words.  Make a list of compound words that have 'some' or 'any' in them.  For example - something, somewhere, someone



Vocabulary work and a reading task are both part of this task.  It is in a business setting so it will be useful if you are learning English for work purposes.

Rustic Civility | Collins, William (RA) | V&A Search the Collections

Rustic Civility | Collins, William (RA) | V&A Search the Collections
Click on the link above and take a look at this English Victorian Painting

'Rustic Civility' by William Collins

Look up the two words in the title of the painting at:

Then look at the picture carefully and try to answer the following questions:-

  • What have the children been doing?
  • What is the oldest boy doing?
  • Who are they looking at? (The painting gives a clue to this)
  • What do you think they might be feeling and thinking?
  • Do you think the children are rich or poor? How can you tell?
  • What does the title mean?
  • What do you think the rider's view of the children might be?
  • Would the people who owned or looked at the painting in Victorian times be of the same social class as the rider and view the children similarly?
  • Do you view the children in a similar way?
  • What is the message of this picture?

Questions taken from:-

Global Renaissance Woman – Maya Angelou

“A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song”.  
Maya Angelou

And a few words on love:

A truly inspiring woman who has done an amazing number of things in her life. One of which is writing poems. She read one at President Clinton's Inauguration in 1993. Find out about her and her life at  An amazing woman.

I have also posted links to her poems with embedded videos of her reciting her poems on the TEFLCommunicative Resources Page.   

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sandra Bullock in 'The Blind Side' 2010

This film starred Sandra Bullock and was released in 2010. It is the story of a young American Football Hero Michael Oher who is fostered when a young boy.  As he grows up he is looked after by a caring woman and her family.

A very good activity sheet to do after you have watched the film can be found here:-

ESL Videos » 60 Minimal Pairs in 4 Minutes (Listen and Repeat)

ESL Videos » 60 Minimal Pairs in 4 Minutes (Listen and Repeat)

Pronunciations is an important issue if you are going to be understood when you speak English. It is also important to tune your ear so that you hear sounds accurately and can then copy them well.

The minimal pair videos above focus on pronouncing words that sound very similar.  For example- ferry and very. There are many others pairs of words that sound similar in English. It may not be the first sound that is similar, it can be any sound within a word.  The videos simply give you a model to base your pronunciation on so all you have to do is tune in your ear or listen carefully and try to copy the sound yourself or repeat.

Forming the plural with es

Forming the plural with es

Useful web page to check out your spelling of nouns when they become plural.  This pages focuses on nouns that have 'es' added to the end for example fishes, watches etc.  Also, there are links to other nouns that end in f, fe, ff,  i, o, and y. Click the links and find out how the noun plurals are spelt. Irregular nouns are also noted.

Buenos Aires - La Boca and the Argentinian Tango

I have developed and am in the process of  publishing  TEFL Global Resources based on 'La Boca' neighbourhood, Buenos Aires.  

Today, here is some basic information about the region, the origins of the Argentinian Tango and the Festival of Tango currently occurring.  There are reading, writing, speaking and listening activities to do; you can also learn the dance with a friend and there is also some information about choosing a piece of music suitable for the dance.


TEFL Global Resources Communication Activities

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Question tags

Question tags

This exercise is based on statements which are finished with a question tag at the end.

Revise your knowledge of what you should do with various verbs by clicking on the grammar support button in the right hand side column.

Question forms & subject/object questions

Question forms & subject/object questions

Practise using the correct question word when forming your own questions?

Who? Where? What? When? Why?

Common and Proper Nouns

Last week we studied 'countable and uncountable nouns' and 'singular and plural nouns'. Today we are focusing on the difference between 'proper and common nouns'.   Basically, common nouns are everyday objects and not the names of people, places etc.

I have posted up a couple of extra links to help you learn the difference between proper and common nouns in more detail. If I find anymore, I will add them to the list. 

Challenging Perceptions on Disability

Life Rolls On 

Event at Venice Beach in 2011

I have come acrross some very good video resources from a website called  With the soon to start ParaOlympic Games in London I thought they were rather topical.  They will cover a variety of different issues and are referred to on the website as 'The Differently Abled Series'.

The first resource relates to young people with spinal injuries and an organisation called 'Life Rolls On'. 
A PDF document with resource links to download is on the TEFL Global Resources Communication Page. 

I truly believe this organisation is really challenging people's perceptions of 'disability' and that is excellent news.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Camden Fashion

Camden Fashion

This is the final one of the Camden Series.  Wow what a scoop! Lots of brilliant resources from the British Council to keep you all really, really busy!

I am exhilarated! Have fun!

Camden Scene 2 - Language Focus

Camden Scene 2 - Language Focus

Camden Scene 2

Camden Scene 2

Camden Scene 1 - Language Focus

Camden Scene 1 - Language Focus

Camden Scene 1

Camden Scene 1

Camden Lock and Camden Market are another part of the London Scene.  Here comes another set of resources from the British Council.  Enjoy!

Multicultural Britain

Multicultural Britain

Britain is a very multi-cultural place. I love it.  The early part of my teaching career was based just outside the old East End of London. I loved learning about the different cultures, markets, carnivals and other festivals alongside the children. Yesterday's post on Petticoat Lane illustrated the multicultural aspects of London. I originally came from Manchester/Liverpool and was brought up with markets, culture and traditions.

This resource fits into the theme that I currently seem to be following. I am posting these resources as they are in a context and allow you to revise grammatical and vocabulary aspects of your TEFL learning as you go along.  Enjoy!

Notting Hill Scene 2 - Language Focus

Notting Hill Scene 2 - Language Focus

And the fourth!

Notting Hill Scene 2

Notting Hill Scene 2

And the third.

Notting Hill Scene 1 - Language Focus

Notting Hill Scene 1 - Language Focus

The second resource in the set.

Notting Hill Scene 1

Notting Hill Scene 1

It is Notting Hill Carnival this weekend and so this is very relevant and current in the United Kingdom.  There are a whole set of resources on this carnival from Word On the Street. I will post them up after this one. Enjoy them!

James Dean - A 1950's Hollywood Film Star

James Dean TEFL Global Resource

Find out about this young, handsome 1950's Hollywood star and his passion for fast cars with the following TEFL global resource:-

  • A YouTube video
  • A short reading text and simple comprehension questions at pre-Intermediate/Intermediate level
  • Further research opportunities with internet links 
  • A timeline of his life
  • Writing tips to allow you to write a biographical sketch.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Petticoat Lane TEFL Resources

Petticoat Lane Market

Some old and more recent (2006) film footage of Petticoat Lane Market, London.  The market has changed a lot over the years and continues to do so.  Go to TEFL Global Resources Grammar Page  ; watch the video, listen to the report and explain how Petticoat Lane is different from earlier in the century.

Turkish Delight: how to Haggle in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar | LearnEnglishTeens

Turkish Delight: how to Haggle in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar | LearnEnglishTeens

Have you ever been to a market like Istanbul's Grand Bazaar?

Write a couple of sentences to describe it (including where it was).  Did you enjoy the experience? What did you buy?  Post your comments on the Learn English website.

Mock Listening Paper - American Literature

Mock Listening Paper - American Literature

If you are thinking of doing IELT's examinations here is a useful listening resource. There is an audio file and support material to download and print.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

British Council Elementary Podcast - TEFL Global Resources

TEFL Vocabulary, Grammar and Communicative Skills for Beginners.

If you are a beginner (A2 CEFR level) these British Council Podcasts are excellent for getting you started.  As the week progresses I will post up other related work which will be appropriate for different levels of student ability.  If you are an Intermediate level of student you may want to use this resource to revise and then extend your knowledge.  Advanced students may just want to dip into the additional and other resources added during the week.

Find the audio link (MP3) right click and save it so you can listen to it whenever is convenient for you. The podcast comes with a support pack and transcript which is 22 pages long.  Use this link:

Download and do the exercises.

Main Contents of Podcast This Week

  • Is that a new shirt that you are wearing?
  • What famous person would you like to meet and why? Jonathon Ive
  • Vocabulary quiz - colours
  • South Africa - football matches and the Vuvuzuela
  • Expressing an opinion - Why don't more people watch women's football?
  • Dialogue of Carolina from Venezuela at lost luggage and in the underground.
  • Telling/retelling a joke
Here is a summary of the main language points of the podcast. Try to get more practise with these language points during the week if you can:
  1. use of 'could you' to make a request in a more polite way
  2. pronunciation - silent letters and linking of sounds
  3. friendly gestures from older people - 'love' and 'dear'
  4. phrasal verbs - to look at, to look for, to look after, to look forward to
  5. use of 'the' with the names of musical instruments
I will follow up with work that is related through the week.  This work will be graded for different levels of student ability.



Following the work on Macchu Picchu this week, I am posting this as an extra activity that you may like to follow up with.  It is a listening and reading comprehension at Intermediate, B2 CEFR level from the British Council, Learn English website.  Snowboarding, BASE Jumping and Rock Climbing are some winter, mountain sports that are described within this article. The article also describes some environmental problems facing the people who live on the mountains.

English Grammar | LearnEnglish | British Council | Countable & Uncountable nouns 2

English Grammar | LearnEnglish | British Council | Countable & Uncountable nouns 2

Following on from the work on Countable and Uncountable Nouns that I posted up yesterday here are some basic grammatical explanations from the British Council Website - Learn English.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Countable, Uncountable, Compound Nouns and Plurals.TEFL Global Resources

Some Beginner/Pre-Intermediate TEFL Grammar Global Resources 

Exercises, worksheets and games using countable and uncountable nouns, compound nouns and plurals

These activities can be done at home on your PC or on your mobile device whilst travelling to and from school/college or work. 

Go to TEFL Global Resources - Grammar Page

Renoir's Life and Paintings - TEFL Global Resources

The Life and Paintings of Pierre Auguste Renoir

Renoir was a French Impressionist painter. He painted many portraits of children, beautiful women, friends; as well as colourful, busy events dances and parties; rural and urban landscapes and still lives. For me Renoir was an excellent all round painter. I love his work.

To explore Olga's Gallery and more Renoir paintings click this link.

Renoir learning resources for teachers and students are at TEFL Global Resources - Communicative Page

Thursday, 23 August 2012

TEFL Global Resources - How to Make Letter Sounds.

33 Videos to show you how to Sound Consonants, Vowels and Dipthongs Correctly.

Go to TEFL Global Resources - Pronunciation Page to find the link to view videos on You Tube.  They are called 'How to Videos' and are produced by Rachel's English.

Totem Poles - TEFL Global Resources

Telling Stories through Totem Poles

Read and listen to this short video approximately 3 minutes long.
Copyright of Charles Kelly

David Boxley describes the meaning of the totem pole for his family and people.  He was brought up under the influence of  Christian missionaries. Once a teacher, he then decided to create and tell stories through totem poles allowing him to express his Tsimshian identity and heritage. Watch him carve and decorate totem poles from red cedar wood with knives, chisels and sandpaper.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New York Medley of Songs - TEFL Global Resources

I couldn't resist this idea.  A Medley of Songs About New York (most with lyrics) so you can listen and sing whilst you are travelling or moving.

Go to TEFL Global Resources - Communicative Page

Is there another city in the world that you could do this for? 

TEFL Global Resources -Natural and Human Landscape Vocabulary

An excellent Powerpoint presentation introducing natural and human landscape vocabulary for geographical topics 

By Unski on Busy Teacher

A Famous Peruvian Landmark - TEFL Global Resource

Macchu Picchu - A Lost Inca City

A Global, Multi-Media Resource for Advanced TEFL Students and Teachers:-

                   1.  Links to 2 National Geographic Videos

                   2.  Online 360 degree Virtual Tour Link

                   3.  3 Short Academic Articles

                  4.  10 amazing secrets about Micchu Picchu

          5.  Archaeological Theories of Purpose 

          6.  Slideshow of photographs from 1911

          7.  Consider the effect of tourism on the landscape

          8.  Should the objects that came from the site be returned to Peru? 
          9.  Was Macchu Picchu devoid of human life when 'discovered'?
         10.  Online Quiz


Go to TEFL Global Resources CLIL and EAP Page

Time Prepositions and Expressions Worksheet - TEFL Global Resource

Time Prepositions and Expressions

I introduced a board game a couple of days ago which used the future tense to make plans.  For example - I am going to, I intend to.........  It also  incorporated some time expressions.

Here is another worksheet resource which you can download at Busy Teacher that includes time prepositions and time expressions.  I would suggest it is for a Pre Intermediate level of student.  It will also  perhaps be useful for Intermediate Student revision. 

Go to:-

Explore Central Park, New York City - TEFL Global Resources

TEFL Global Resources Reading Comprehension

Explore Central Park New York City with the interactive map at
Hover your mouse over the square icons and click on an area that interests you.

Go to and click on 'things to see'. Click on the drop down menu and research  Landscapes and Points of Interest and Fountains, Monuments and Sculptures or any other title that interest you.

Try the reading comprehension at TEFL Global Resources - Communicative Activities

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Audio and Aural TEFL Global Resources

Audio and Aural - TEFL Video and Game Resources 

by Charles Kelly.  2001

Listen and Repeat Videos

  • 69 Two-Syllable Words Accented on the First Syllable
  • 72 Two-Syllable Words Accented on the Second Syllable

Audio Games

Click on this link for further Audio Concentration Games

Monday, 20 August 2012

Navajo Sacred Hoop Dance - TEFL Global Resources

Navajo Sacred Hoop Dance - A Short Video and Commentary

Listen and watch this short extract from!/videos/player/grand-canyon-hoop-dance-zen-den

  • What is the dance ceremony called?
  • What is used in the dance?
  • When is the dance performed?
  • How long does the healing ceremony that the dance is part of last?
  • What do the hoops in the dance represent?
  • How does the dance make you feel?
  • Do you like the dance? Describe it in your own words.
  • What do you know about Navajo people?

TEFL Global Resources - Follow On Grammar Activities from Podcast

Remember the British Council Podcast - a couple of blogs previous. Here are some follow up Grammar Activities based on the future verb formations - 'going to' and 'intend to'.

A board game that students can play using the   'going to' and 'intend to' verb formations.  Time expressions are used in this game also.

If you are a teacher and have a class the following activities may be useful:-
Find someone who ' is going to'  meet specific criteria noted in the table format provided (students to add names)-a class mingle type of activity.

A role play dialogue class activity

Sunday, 19 August 2012

TEFL Global Resources - Enhancing Vocabulary Knowledge

TEFL Global Resources - Kitchen and Bedroom Vocabulary following from Podcast

I would advise any student to keep a Vocabulary Journal whatever their level.  Treat yourself to a nice notebook so you will enjoy using it.  It is up to you how you organize your vocabulary. You could do it alphabetically.  I recommend that you do this at the front of the book (allow a couple of pages for A to Z) and then at the back add in pages for word families  (it doesn't matter what order these pages these are in just work in towards the centre).  

This week I would have a Bedroom and Kitchen Vocabulary page.  Jot the words down and start to scrapbook; add pictures of the words you have listed.  Cut pictures out from some of the worksheets I have provided on the TEFL Global Resources Vocabulary Page.  Or to draw simple sketches of your own.

Develop further words from the ones you enter if you can.  For example: cooker could be extended to electric cooker, gas cooker, split level cooker, built-in cooker, range cooker.  You can also add verbs to nouns to make phrases.  For example soup - simmer the soup, boil the soup etc. Always be willing to extend your knowledge.

And when you find a new word remember to make a note of it.

TEFL Global Resources - Elementary Podcasts from the British Council

Introducing TEFL Vocabulary, Grammar and Communicative Skills for Beginners.

If you are a beginner (A2 CEFR level) these British Council Podcasts are excellent for getting you started.  

Just, go to 

Find the audio link (MP3) right click and save it so you can listen to it whenever is convenient for you. The podcast comes with a support pack which is 22 pages long.  Use this link:

Main Contents of Podcast

  • phrases to introduce friends
  • what famous person dead or alive would you like to meet and why?
  • vocabulary quiz - kitchen and bedroom words
  • Central Park, New York
  • is it a good idea for celebrities to do work for charities- the arguments for and against
  • dialogue of Carolina from Venezuela at immigration control
  • telling/retelling a joke

There is a summary of the main language points. Try to get more practise with these language points during the week if you can:
  1. use of 'going to' and 'intend' tense to talk about future plans (informal v formal)
  2. use of the salutations 'goodnight' and 'good evening'
  3. use of the term 'dear' to name somebody (usually from an older person to a younger person)
  4. use of the phrase 'it depends'. Often followed by a preposition. For example - it depends if, it depends on etc
I will post follow up work.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

An Olympian Slideshow

Fantastic Resource - Check out this link!

Looking at this sent a cold tingle shuddering through me.  I am sure if you want to follow up after the summer holidays with students this will get them talking.  So much could be created from it and not just sport.  An excellent source of all round inspiration!

  • Who were the students favourite sporting heroes and why?
  • What was their favourite sport?
  • Have they been inspired to try a new sport or something else new?
  • Did they have a favourite British Band - new and old that they enjoyed at the opening or closing ceremony.
  • Did they have a favourite dance or costume from either ceremony
  • A project timeline of British Music - is great for creating timelines.
  • They could research British History and the evolution from an agricultural to an  industrial to a digital, globalised economy.  This could be made into a presentation collaboratively in chronological order.
  • Favourite British Fashions - they could develop a montage/collage of different fashions from different era's by different fashion designers etc etc.  They could label their freezes.
  • London's Landmarks and Icons (the black cab, the red telephone box, Buckingham Palacet etc etc)
  • Discuss and create a video journal on what they think the legacy of the Olympic Games is after London?
  • Discuss the next Olympics at Rio de Janerio.  What are they looking forward to? What do they think they will be doing?  Where will they be living? etc etc

Absolutely loads of activities could follow on from this amazing slideshow.

Memoirs of VJ Day - A TEFL Global Resource

TEFL Global Resources - Memoirs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ........and Victory in Japan...............

Hiroshima Castle as it looks in present times. Today is VJ Day according to  I have compiled a TEFL Global reading comprehension resource which you can find on the TEFL Communicative Resources Page.  

Victory in Japan came at a huge cost to human life. Read and listen to the accounts from survivors of the bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombings occurred a month earlier after the Allies had delivered their first ultimatum. 

Listen to the voices of the Japanese people who paid for the war. These are the words that should and need to be heard:

Monday, 13 August 2012

A Biographical TEFL Global Resource

A TEFL Biographical Resource from a Generation Passed 

The young lady on the left was a member of my family.

What relative do you think she was? Who do you think the other people in the photograph are?

Finally, discuss members of your family and the roles they have played in society and your life.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ice Breaking Timelines - TEFL Global Resources

Click here to access an excellent timeline resource

If your TEFL students have access to computers this is a slightly different way of preparing information on a new classmate. Get your new students to pair up and interview each other.  They can then project each others personal timelines onto a whiteboard and give a short introduction of each other to the class. The other students may ask questions. Photographs from mobiles could be uploaded.

An excellent ice breaking tool for when term starts in September!

Cathedral Photos -- National Geographic

Cathedral Photos -- National Geographic

Beautiful photographs of some well known cathedrals around the world. Browse through them and enjoy.

If you like choose your favourite photograph and try to describe it. Here are some links to help you with vocabulary.

TEFL Global Resources For When You Are On The Move

Continue Your English Learning Whilst Travelling

Check out these TEFL global resources from the British Council.  Go to TEFL Applications and Resources on TEFL Global Resources to find 20 new links to resources to practise vocabulary, sounds and pronunciation and grammar.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Letters of Note: To My Old Master

Letters of Note: To My Old Master

I recommend that you read this.  It says a lot about how life was for the slaves the US in the 1800's and that needs to be remembered.  It is an incredible piece of writing.  The master had obviously been left with nobody to work for him. I am not altogether surprised after the way he had treated his workers.  The writer's attitude is astonishing, she was so loyal and polite to even reply to him let alone think of going back to work for him.

Blog: Of Motherhood and Mercury | Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project

Blog: Of Motherhood and Mercury | Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project

What are your views on eating whale meat that is highly contaminated with mercury?

I Am Inspired - Video, Vocabulary and Grammar Resources

I am inspired...........

I am inspired by Xiby

Grammar and vocabulary activities can be found at TEFL Grammar Resources and TEFL Vocabulary Resources

Trinidad and Notting Hill -TEFL Carnival Resources

Trinidad and Notting Hill Carnivals

Carnivals are celebrated all around the world mainly after Lent. Notting Hill Carnival always happens in the last Bank Holiday in August.  It is mainly a Carnival of Mas, Music (Steelband and Calypso) and Food.This year it is due to be held on the 26th and 27th August 2012.  Here is a trailer with interviews with a Carnival Arts Designer and some musicians/singers to give you a taste of what it is going to be like.

You can find more Carnival Learning Activities in PDF format on the TEFL Communication Resources.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Dedicated Follower of Fashion - Fun Fashion Vocabulary Resources

Are Your Students Dedicated Followers of Fashion?

Fun activities for teenage learners including a song by the Kinks to develop their fashion vocabulary. These resources are very much focused on games, songs, blogs and practical activity.  

For more information go to TEFL Vocabulary Resources

Sunday, 5 August 2012

TEFL Teacher Training at Intesol International

TEFL Teacher Training

I have been thinking lately about young teachers entering the profession.  To be honest if you have good health and the funds to do your qualification abroad, I think it is an excellent idea to travel and study at the same time.  

You obviously need to want to teach and have the dedication and ability to learn from other teachers.  Teaching really is an example of a profession of lifelong learning. After 20 years in the profession I know that very well. I love it, I still do and if I can help anyone along the way I will.  

I am going to be providing links on teaching training providers.  My first review is of Intesol International.  They are a global TESOL training organisation, offering accredited TESOL/TEFL certificate qualifications. They offer a variety of levels to their qualifications depending on how much time you can give to study.  Prices vary according to the length of the course you choose.  Most importantly you are required to do teaching practice.  This could be your first step to a new adventure in teaching English abroad!

Teacher training providers in the future will be listed at TEFL Application and Resource Information Information

Links to BBC Videos - British Habitats

Highlands, Lowlands, Lakes - The Many and Varied Habitats of the UK

Following on from the earlier resource that pre-taught useful vocabulary for this topic on Habitats; here is the next part of the resource.  It develops audio, visual and reading skills and allows you to find out about the many and varied habitats that exist within the United Kingdom.

Go to TEFL Communicative Resources

V&A Museum Creative Writing Resources

Creative Writing Resource

The links below give useful guidance on how to get detailed observations of an object and generate ideas for creative writing.  Qualities such as colour, shape, texture and materials are looked at first.  Similies and metaphors are then defined and the student encouraged to move from a physical to an abstract view of an object.

There are two PDF resources to download:

Simplifying an Object

Looking Intensely at an Object

Images of objects are provided on each sheet.  Alternatively, students can find other images at

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Job Flashcards and Games

Simple Resources for Elementary to Pre - Intermediate TEFL Learners

Enjoy simple games of pelmanism, snap, charades and matching pairs with friends whilst becoming familiar with job vocabulary.

TEFL Vocabulary Page

How well are your country doing in the Olympic Games?

Follow Your Country

Find out about competitors; compare your countries performance to team GB; listen to audio and video clips relevant to your nation; read articles; check out latest records, key facts and medals and subscribe to the latest headlines at:-

Friday, 3 August 2012

TEFL Habitats of Great Britain Vocabulary Resource

Habitats of Great Britain -Vocabulary

Learn vocabulary associated with the environment at TEFL Vocabulary Resources

Resource to develop definitions of scientific vocabulary and phrases, synonyms, building words from the root, adding prefixes and suffixes. 

Further resources will follow to use the vocabulary you have learned.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Indigenous Culture and Mapping Resources

Reviving Our Culture, Mapping Our Future

by The ABN and The Gaia Foundation

The story behind a group of indigenous communities from around the world who met in South Africa two years ago. An awe inspiring video resource showing new methods (mapping and modelling) of communicating a message to the rest of the world. 
With a transcript for the teacher and practical ideas for activities in the classroom.

Olympic and Para Olympic TEFL Resource Books

British Council TEFL Olympic Visitor Book Resources

Writers - Mike Davies, Devo Forbes, Chris Speck, Mandy Loader, Suzanne Guerrero, Andy Baxter and Anthony Cosgrove

The British Council have produced two workbooks that you can be working through as the Olympic Games continue. They can be found at

You can either read the books online, search for content or download the handbooks to read later.

The books contain:-
  • situational language activities.  
  • an A-Z sports directory 
  • a description of each individual olympic sport 
  • a test with answers
  • an answer key for all questions