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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

An Olympian Slideshow

Fantastic Resource - Check out this link!

Looking at this sent a cold tingle shuddering through me.  I am sure if you want to follow up after the summer holidays with students this will get them talking.  So much could be created from it and not just sport.  An excellent source of all round inspiration!

  • Who were the students favourite sporting heroes and why?
  • What was their favourite sport?
  • Have they been inspired to try a new sport or something else new?
  • Did they have a favourite British Band - new and old that they enjoyed at the opening or closing ceremony.
  • Did they have a favourite dance or costume from either ceremony
  • A project timeline of British Music - is great for creating timelines.
  • They could research British History and the evolution from an agricultural to an  industrial to a digital, globalised economy.  This could be made into a presentation collaboratively in chronological order.
  • Favourite British Fashions - they could develop a montage/collage of different fashions from different era's by different fashion designers etc etc.  They could label their freezes.
  • London's Landmarks and Icons (the black cab, the red telephone box, Buckingham Palacet etc etc)
  • Discuss and create a video journal on what they think the legacy of the Olympic Games is after London?
  • Discuss the next Olympics at Rio de Janerio.  What are they looking forward to? What do they think they will be doing?  Where will they be living? etc etc

Absolutely loads of activities could follow on from this amazing slideshow.