Sunday, 29 July 2012

Functional Language -TEFL Training Resource

Teaching Functional Language Skills

A resource from Languages International, Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand

As I was researching I came across this link and wanted to share it.  It is for TEFL Teachers. 

The resource focuses on the language of social situations and communicating effectively within them.  It concentrates on the 10 common functions of language listed below:-

  • making a suggestion
  • inviting
  • giving advice
  • requesting
  • making apologies
  • refusing
  • agreeing
  • regretting
  • offering
  • complaining

There are 4 tasks. I would recommend it fully for staff training sessions or individual study.  
Following the link through, I realised it must be part of a larger resource.  And indeed, there is a whole ESOL Teaching Skills Taskbook at:-

A very professional package which I believe would be excellent for any teacher whatever stage they are at in their careers..

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