Sunday, 22 July 2012

Billy Elliott - The Book, Film and Musical!

Billy Elliott

An Introduction 

A wonderful short story about a boy with a special gift for Ballet Dancing. A brilliant book written by Mervyn Burgess; expressing solidarity, friendships, relationships, gender and social class issues.  The story has also been made into a film and a West End show  

Billy Elliot is a short story and is classified as a 'Quick Read' in my local library in the UK. It is therefore suitable for Intermediate Levels of TEFL Students. It is an excellent story for students showing how one very unique and ordinary boy followed his dream and succeeded in what he wanted to do. The book has been made into a show which has been on the West End and Broadway and has been hugely successful. It has also been made into a film; the trailer can be seen on You Tube -

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