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For Students:- TEFL Textbooks

A good textbook is CEF referenced. Most publishers produce material that will either help you prepare at a specified level or for a specified examination. Recent publications have access to online TEFL resources which you can access via a code. Ensure your textbook has this code before you order if you wish to supplement your learning online.

Here are a list of reputable publishers with links to their websites:

For Students:- TEFL Mobile Applications

Activities for when you are travelling (from the British Council)

Apps and Games


  1. LearnEnglishSportsWorld Learn hundreds of sports words in this hidden object and word game app! 
  2. Premier Skills This interactive vocabulary app combines the fun of football with English learning. 
  3. MyWordBook Improve your vocabulary with MyWordBook 2, an interactive vocabulary notebook for language learners 
  4. LearnEnglish Grammar Improve your grammar skills with LearnEnglish Grammar, the number one educational mobile app. 
  5. Sounds Right Sounds Right is the British Council's first pronunciation chart for learners and teachers worldwide. 
  6. Wordshake A fun interactive game - compete against the clock trying to make as many words as you can with grids of letters. 
  7. Johnny Grammar's Quizmaster Test yourself against our resident expert Johnny Grammar 
  8. 60 Second Word Challenge 60 Second Word Challenge is a fun vocabulary quiz to help improve and widen your English vocabulary. 
  9. Big City Small World Big City Small World is an audio soap for learners of English 
  10. Elementary Podcasts  LearnEnglish Elementary app is a series of English learning podcasts to practise your English on the go. 


  1. Pic-your-wits
  2. Wordshake
  3. Magic-gopher
  4. Beat-keeper
  5. Word-wrangling
  6. Food Game
  7. Clothes Matching Game
  8. Actions
  9. Household Objects
  10. Animals Matching Game

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Google Play Applications

1. Grammar Express : Tenses is a Complete Course in Mastering English Grammatical Tenses. 
£1.99 or $3.20
2. Grammar Express : Parts of Speech is a Complete Course in Mastering Usage of Different Parts of Speech. 
 £1.29 or $2.07

3. Grammar Up is a Multiple Choice Quiz System for English which provides over 1800 questions across 20 Grammar Categories.  
£1.69 or $2.72
1.  A general grammar application from the British Council that you can download to your phone for free:

The application will help you to practise multiple choice questions, gap fills, reordering activities, labelling, matching, grouping questions and more. For instructions on how to download the application use the link above. You will need an I phone, I pod touch or I pad or Android phone.

2.  A free pronuncation application from Macmillan:

It is called 'Sounds. The Pronunciation App'.  I have downloaded it to my phone and found it simple and quick to install. It consists of a chart where you can click on a phoneme symbol and it reads out the correct pronunciation of that symbol.  The free application gives the opportunity to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking words. The application instantly marks the word attempts. There are also short quizzes on there also. The pronunciation is in Standard English, so there is no accent or anything to confuse things at the beginning. The application is available for Appleiphones, i pads and Android OS devices. If you really like it and find it useful there is a premium version for £3.99

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