Friday, 1 June 2012

Jubilee Celebration Resources

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and Other Resources on Jubilee Celebrations.

In the United Kingdom the Queen is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this weekend (2nd to the 5th June, 2012).  The weather has been beautiful over the last week and we are all looking forward to 4 days of public holiday in the UK.  I hope the weather continues.  In Britain however we can never guarantee that.

Apart from the weather, I am really looking forward to the speeches and addresses that will be made starting tonight with the Prince of Wales.  The website that I provide the links for on the Content Based Learning Page also allows you to send a personal message to the Queen.  So practise your writing skills and compose a short message if you like. I did mine a few weeks ago and I got a thank-you note from Buckingham Palace itself.  It was very special to me and I will treasure that for some time to come. 

Keep your eyes open for bits of news that you can read over this special weekend.  The following are good links to follow:

Complimentary access is being given by the Times and Sunday Times free this weekend

This is a celebration for a very special lady and her whole family.  All members of the Royal Family help in the duties and good work.  I wish them all the very best of wishes especially the Queen.