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For Elementary Students:- Bedroom and Kitchen Vocabulary


For Students and Teachers:- A Real Life Biography and Vocabulary Development (Intermediate Level)

Read this PDF document first.  Scroll down to get to the second page.

Develop your understanding of the vocabulary used.

For Students:- A Video Vocabulary Resource

I am inspired by..........

  • Check out the meaning of the word 'inspire' 
  • How many words and phrases can you create from it?
  • Make a mind map of synonyms - words that mean the same as 'inspire'.

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For Teachers:- Are Your Students 'Dedicated Followers of Fashion'?

  • Put the phrase 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion' on board for students to discuss as they come in to class. Elicit the meaning of the words 'dedicated' and 'follower'.
  • Pre-teach other topical vocabulary from these links:

The links provide students with games, wordsearches, hangman.  They develop knowledge of vocabulary by matching pictures and words.
  • Alternatively, have a team game.  Divide the class into Team A and B.  Get them to line up on each side of the board.  The objective is for each time to write down as many words as they know in 2 minutes.  The words have to be spelt correctly and not repeated.  The highest score wins.
  • Play music video from You Tube or below - Dedicated Follower of Fashion by the Kinks.  Whilst watching get the students to identify fashion phrases and words that describe 'the dedicated follower of fashion'.

  • Discuss the phrase ' a dedicated follower of fashion'.  Divide students into small groups and ask them to discuss the question - Are you a 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion'? What does the phrase mean to you?
  • Watch another video of Camden Market, London

Here you  and your students can find out what a 'cybergoth' is. There are also exercises to check your students' understanding of the video.

Discussion Idea -do you like to wear the same type of clothes as your friends or do you try to look a bit different?
  • Get the students to read either of these blogs:
a blog on the ethical production of fashionable clothes by Emma Dixon


a blog about high heeled shoes from Bethan Morgan

Get a couple of students to summarise each blog to the class and discuss their groups response. 
  • Write own fashion blog individually (homework!).
Jameela wants to be a catwalk model in New York Fashion Week. Will she succeed?
Watch the video – check your understanding, check your language, check your grammar and check your vocabulary.
  • Have a fashion show in class (to be done a little bit tongue in cheek like the video).  The idea being to dress really flamboyantly.  Set up a catwalk area and play the music as they walk up, turn and come down again. Pair students up. Each student to give a detailed and descriptive account of what the other is wearing.  Focus on brooches, cuffs on shirts etc etc to really expand vocabulary.  This is a really fun activity.
  • Students create their own fashion magazine online or on paper.  Scrapbook images and add captions, labels and descriptions.

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For Students:- British Glamour Since 1950

Develop fashion vocabulary and practise your reading and listening skills:-

"Through interviews with designers Nicholas Oakwell, Bruce Oldfield, David Sassoon, Mary Katrantzou and Roksanda Illincic, this film examines the significance of the ballgown, and what it is to be truly glamorous"

Look for the transcript that you can follow at the above link to support you with this material.

Some Useful Fashion Vocabulary

'craftsmanship' - skill at making things (in this instance ballgowns)
(Definition from Cambridge Online Dictionary)

Check out your understanding of these words:
nouns:- drawings  sketches  couture  (haute couture) formal evening  dress occasion dress red carpet dress    
verbs:- draping   pleating   ruching   smocking
adjectives:- glamorous  versatile  elegant
other design/mathematical vocabulary:- 360 degrees   symmetry  

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For Students and Teachers:- Jobs and Occupations



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For Teachers:- Habitats of Great Britain

A resource to develop definitions of scientific vocabulary and phrases, synonyms, building words from the root, adding prefixes and suffixes.

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