Friday, 5 October 2012

Allergies and Genetically Modified Cow's Milk

Milk Allergies in Human Babies

This BBC podcast is concerned with genetically modified food and allergies.  Minor to severe allergies are described.  For example; hay fever, nut, egg and cows milk allergies in babies. The resource is suitable for advanced TEFL students.

James Gallagher has studied the immune system, body cells and allergy culprits. The podcast is based on his scientific report.

In baby cow milk allergies, the protein 'beta lacta globulin' has been found to cause RNA interference.  

Cows in New Zealand are now injected with a substance to stop them from producing the protein.  Their milk is therefore genetically modified but deemed suitable for babies to drink.

What do you think about genetically modifying cow's milk for babies?

Do you think it is a spectacular or unethical practise?

Listen to the debate on this podcast and form your own opinion.

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