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For Students and Teachers:- Worksheet Using Verb + Preposition ('it depends on' )

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For Students and Teachers:- Noun Resources and Links

This week we are studying nouns and proper nouns.  Here are some links:

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For Students and Teachers:- Petticoat Lane 'Then' and 'Now'

Watch this old and more recent film footage of Petticoat Lane from You Tube:

Jot down your observations in English and write them up  in two columns titled 'then' and 'now'   Remember, older film observations need to be written in the simple past tense and new film observations (2006) could be written in the simple present tense form if you are making the  simple 'now' and 'then' comparison.  

The present perfect tense can be used if you have further observations after 2006 leading up to the present day.  For example:- Today, Petticoat Lane trade has improved again and........... Using time words and expressions will help you to clarify meaning.

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For Students and Teachers: Nouns (countable and uncountable), Compound Nouns and Plurals

These grammar exercises can be done online or downloaded, printed off and used as a classroom resource.

  • Countable or uncountable noun exercises

  • Plurals

  • Compound Nouns

  • Singular or Plural

Finally, here are some online games that can be done on a PC or mobile device whilst you are travelling to work or school/college.  Each group uses the same words.  The first game in the group is a jigsaw game, the second game involves matching cards and the third game is called Speed Word and involves spelling the words out.

For Students:- Video Grammar Resource

I am inspired by...........

Simple Grammar for Oral or Written Practice

Who inspires you? I am inspired by ...................

What inspires you? ............inspires me or I get inspiration from ...................

When are you inspired?  I am inspired when ....................

Where do you think is the best place for receiving inspiration? I get inspiration when I go to .................

Why are you inspired in this place? I am inspired when I am here because..................

Can you inspire others? I hope I can inspire others by ......................

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For Teachers:- General Definitions of Grammatical Terms

A very comprehensive glossary of grammar definitions.


These presentations will guide you through the function, form and uses of the Present Tenses. 

  • The Simple Present Tense
  • The Present Continuous Tense
  • The Present Perfect Tense
  • The Present Perfect Continuous Tense

There are exercises within them that you may need further time to complete. Simply, pause the presentation and click again when you are ready to continue.

Please wait a few seconds to allow time for the presentations to load.


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For Teachers:- Grammatical Articles of Speech


211 English Irregular Verbs.

The above link gives opportunities to search and browse a phrasal verb dictionary. You can also subscribe to feeds to receive regular updates.

For Students:- Revision


Grammar quizzes that can be done online or can be printed out as a handout for use in a classroom.

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