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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Endangered Animals Powerpoint Presentation

Endangered Animals Powerpoint Presentation

A very good presentation to get you familiar with animals that are endangered and why.  The geographical vocabulary of habitats and other scientific terminology is developed well. Research other endangered speicies by all means and if you like use the template on the TEFLGlobal ResourcesCommunicativePage to present your work. 

Please note - some of the questions at the end don't really make a lot of sense so don't worry about them!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Famous Peruvian Landmark - TEFL Global Resource

Macchu Picchu - A Lost Inca City

A Global, Multi-Media Resource for Advanced TEFL Students and Teachers:-

                   1.  Links to 2 National Geographic Videos

                   2.  Online 360 degree Virtual Tour Link

                   3.  3 Short Academic Articles

                  4.  10 amazing secrets about Micchu Picchu

          5.  Archaeological Theories of Purpose 

          6.  Slideshow of photographs from 1911

          7.  Consider the effect of tourism on the landscape

          8.  Should the objects that came from the site be returned to Peru? 
          9.  Was Macchu Picchu devoid of human life when 'discovered'?
         10.  Online Quiz


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