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Sunday, 5 August 2012

TEFL Teacher Training at Intesol International

TEFL Teacher Training

I have been thinking lately about young teachers entering the profession.  To be honest if you have good health and the funds to do your qualification abroad, I think it is an excellent idea to travel and study at the same time.  

You obviously need to want to teach and have the dedication and ability to learn from other teachers.  Teaching really is an example of a profession of lifelong learning. After 20 years in the profession I know that very well. I love it, I still do and if I can help anyone along the way I will.  

I am going to be providing links on teaching training providers.  My first review is of Intesol International.  They are a global TESOL training organisation, offering accredited TESOL/TEFL certificate qualifications. They offer a variety of levels to their qualifications depending on how much time you can give to study.  Prices vary according to the length of the course you choose.  Most importantly you are required to do teaching practice.  This could be your first step to a new adventure in teaching English abroad!

Teacher training providers in the future will be listed at TEFL Application and Resource Information Information