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Sunday, 19 August 2012

TEFL Global Resources - Enhancing Vocabulary Knowledge

TEFL Global Resources - Kitchen and Bedroom Vocabulary following from Podcast

I would advise any student to keep a Vocabulary Journal whatever their level.  Treat yourself to a nice notebook so you will enjoy using it.  It is up to you how you organize your vocabulary. You could do it alphabetically.  I recommend that you do this at the front of the book (allow a couple of pages for A to Z) and then at the back add in pages for word families  (it doesn't matter what order these pages these are in just work in towards the centre).  

This week I would have a Bedroom and Kitchen Vocabulary page.  Jot the words down and start to scrapbook; add pictures of the words you have listed.  Cut pictures out from some of the worksheets I have provided on the TEFL Global Resources Vocabulary Page.  Or to draw simple sketches of your own.

Develop further words from the ones you enter if you can.  For example: cooker could be extended to electric cooker, gas cooker, split level cooker, built-in cooker, range cooker.  You can also add verbs to nouns to make phrases.  For example soup - simmer the soup, boil the soup etc. Always be willing to extend your knowledge.

And when you find a new word remember to make a note of it.