Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Free E-learning Lesson from Macmillan - Inside Out Series

Two Countries

This is a Macmillan Inside Out Series TEFL learning resource I would suggest is probably at Intermediate level (B1). It may also be suitable for Pre-Intermediate TEFL learners (A2) It contains:-

- A reading gapfill exercise about the country of Bhutan

- Answers requiring questions to be formed for them

- Facts about another unknown country.  Try to guess which country it is.  Remember it begins with 'B'.

Some Additional Websites to Research

Official website of the Bhutan Tourism Corporation, containing interesting facts and photos as well as conveying a sense of the government’s ambivalence towards tourism.

Facts about Bhutan from the US government’s Central Intelligence Agency website.

A guide to B----- from National Geographic, with photos, facts, map and a video

Other Lesson Resources

There is a teachers guide/answer key at:-

And a glossary of useful vocabulary for the exercises at