Sunday, 2 September 2012

British Council - Elementary Podcast 3

TEFL Vocabulary, Grammar and Communicative Skills for Beginners.

If you are a beginner (A2 CEFR level) these British Council Podcasts are excellent for getting you started.  As the week progresses I will post up other related work which will be appropriate for different levels of student ability.  If you are an Intermediate level of student you may want to use this resource to revise and then extend your knowledge.  Advanced students may just want to dip into the additional and other resources added during the week.

Find the audio link (MP3) right click and save it so you can listen to it whenever is convenient for you. The podcast comes with a support pack and transcript which is 22 pages long.  Use this link:

Download and do the exercises.

Main Contents of Podcast This Week

  • Is that a new shirt that you are wearing?
  • What famous person would you like to meet and why? Jonathon Ive
  • Vocabulary quiz - colours
  • South Africa - football matches and the Vuvuzuela
  • Expressing an opinion - Why don't more people watch women's football?
  • Dialogue of Carolina from Venezuela at lost luggage and in the underground.
  • Telling/retelling a joke
Here is a summary of the main language points of the podcast. Try to get more practise with these language points during the week if you can:
  1. use of 'could you' to make a request in a more polite way
  2. pronunciation - silent letters and linking of sounds
  3. friendly gestures from older people - 'love' and 'dear'
  4. phrasal verbs - to look at, to look for, to look after, to look forward to
  5. use of 'the' with the names of musical instruments
I will follow up with work that is related through the week.  This work will be graded for different levels of student ability.