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Friday, 5 October 2012

Learning English - Words in the News - Life's big questions?

Learning English - Words in the News - Life's Big Questions?

Why have I been born?
- ponder life with a drink in a chair which utter words of wisdom

Click the title link and watch this interesting video story from a bar in Corigliano d'Otranto, Italy and become familiar with new English vocabulary. 


philosophy, ponder, utters, in demand, catch on

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

English for Medicine - A Doctor's View

English for Medicine - A Doctor's view

Another excellent resource from the Learn English British Council website.

Listen to an interview with a retired doctor, Rajan Mehta, about his life working in the UK.

What do you think a paediatrician is?

Follow the title link

  • do the preparation task and match the words to their correct descriptions
  • put the questions in the order they were asked in the interview
  • listen and locate specific information from an audio file 
  • rewrite a postcard that Doctor Mehta sent to India in 1967

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Why do People Migrate?

A British Council TEFL Immigration Resource 

  • to help build up empathy and understanding of  immigration issues 
  • to develop vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension skills, sentence formation and knowledge of articles of grammar (adjectives)  

After I had published the blog about immigrants to New York; I found this resource. It develops an understanding of the issues of migration and associated vocabulary. It is broad in it's perspective and sensitively written. 

There is a vocabulary definition exercise, a video, a matching exercise matching individuals to different reasons for moving, true/false questions, an opportunity to order words in sentences and a gap fill exercise using adjectives.

It is probably a simpler resource so it could be tackled first to build up an understanding of the main issues. Some students may want to just tackle this resource on it's own.

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