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Friday, 5 October 2012

Shawshank Redemption “Cadena Perpetua” « TEFL Iberia

Shawshank Redemption “Cadena Perpetua” 

« TEFL Iberia

An excellent film about men serving 'life sentences' and their lives inside a US prison. 
Click on the title link and listen to Morgan Freeman's speech about 'rehabilitation'. 

Check out the meaning of the words in 'italics' using these online dictionary links.

  • In your own words, explain what a 'life sentence' is.
  • What does a 'rehabilitation programme' involve?
  • Find out what are your friends, colleagues, teachers and relatives views on 'life sentences', 'prisons' and 'rehabilitation'?
  • Do you think that a life sentence should mean that the sentence lasts for life or is there ever a case for 'early release on the grounds of good behaviour'?
  • Do you agree with the 'death penalty'? Explain your reasons.
  • What crimes do you think 'warrant' life sentences and what crimes do not? Complete two lists.

Click on the title link and think again about Morgan Freeman's response to the question of whether he thinks he has rehabilitated.

  • Do you think prison rehabilitates a person? Or do you think a person can feel that 'remorse' for himself or herself in his own time?
  • Does prison have other purposes such as a punishment, isolation .......? Discuss with your colleagues, family and friends.

Finally, think about the phrase 'prisoner of war'.  What does it mean?

"A famous prisoner of war was Fran├žois Mitterrand. He was a French president who was captured during the Second World War in 1940".

How many times do you think he escaped before arriving home in December 1941?