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Monday, 8 October 2012

6-Things To Do To Commemorate Indigenous Peoples On Columbus Day.

Commemorating Indigenous Peoples On Columbus Day

I posted up an earlier resource today on Christopher Columbus. On the 12th October, 1492; this well known explorer was said to have arrived as an immigrant to "the New World." 

I follow an organisation called 'Cultural Survival' and I would like to present their viewpoint on the discovery of the New World. Cultural Survival say that Christopher Columbus did not "discover" America. Indeed, there were native people already living there and the territory belonged to them as it was their homeland.

This reminds me of the issue of who discovered Macchu Picchu in Peru (see previous blog post on Macchu Picchu and the Macchu Picchu Multi Media Project). 

On Friday 12th October, let's remember and celebrate the People who are native to the America's. The above picture is a memorial tribute to the Indians in Chile.   Click on the title link and discover 6 things that you can do to support the causes of these people on Friday.  Activities vary from further reading, to making donations or simply spreading the word to your friends and followers so people around the world are better informed of indigenous issues.