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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

All in a Day's Work

All in a Days Work

Free e-lesson from Global Critical Eye

Suitable for Upper Intermediate and Advanced TEFL students.

The Last Miner (Luis Urzua) Out from the San Jose Mine, 2010 in Northern Chile

A Banker

  • What types of work are available to do in your country?
  • Are they blue collar or white collar jobs?
  • Do you think age, qualifications and gender affect what jobs you can do and your final salary?
  • Who earns the most and who earns the least? Why? 

This excellent resource from Macmillan develops vocabulary (idiomatic phrases and words) around the topic of work.  The resource is communicative with plenty of ideas for discussion and writing.  It encourages 'critical thinking' about issues in the workplace.  All students need to approach their studies with a 'critical eye'. 

Simply click on the title link above and explore this great resource. 

Finally, I would like to know:-

Who do you think deserves more money and prestige for the job they do?  

The Managing Director of Oxtron-x, the famous technology multinational (fictional character in the resource above) 


 The last rescuer up from the San Jose Mine in Northern Chile in 2010?

(Watch this video clip from the BBC of Manuel Gonzales rising to the surface in the capsule. He was the first rescuer in and the last rescuer out of the San Jose Mine in Northern Chile).

Perhaps you have opinions and ideas you would like to express in the comment box after this post.



Straightforward, Macmillan Publishers

Click on the title link to get access to this Straightforward e-lesson from Macmillan Publishers.  The following activities are incorporated into the worksheet :- 

  • Sorting safe and riskier investments into ascending order.
  • A reading comprehension activity about Rene Rivkin, a once successful stockbroker from Australia.
  • A study of past simple and past continuous tenses: the theory of grammar and a gapfill exercise requiring you to choose the appropriate tense and use it correctly.
  • Pronunciation of strong and weak forms in - was and were.
  • Idioms on taking financial risks to extend your vocabulary knowledge further.

There is also an answer key and teachers notes.