Sunday, 14 October 2012

Noun Phrases

Noun Phrases

Noun phrases can be made up of nouns, quantifiers, determiners and adjectives. 

Find out more with this grammar resource provided by the British Council.

  • Firstly, check that you understand what each type of word is.  Match each type of word with some examples.

- noun                                some, all, both

- quantifier                        older, taller, younger

- determiner                     some, a lot of, many

- adjective                        dogs, house, people

  • Secondly, you need to understand that noun phrases are made up in different ways.  For example:

- you can have just a 'noun' in a noun phrase

- or you can have a 'determiner + noun'

- or a 'quantifier + noun'

- or a 'determiner + adjective + noun'

- or a 'quantifier + determiner + noun'

- or you can have all 4 types of word - 'quantifier + determiner + adjective + noun'

  • Finally, click on the title link.  The exercise in the task matches the noun phrase in brackets to the patterns.